• Skype for Business has landed

    Arkadin is ready for the big change.

Microsoft UC powered by Arkadin

Lync for Office 365 recently adopted Skype’s globally recognised look and feel and ‘Skype for Business’ was born!

Skype for Business sees the end user interface with which we are all so familiar marry up with an expanded Lync feature set, making it an ideal business tool and one that will no doubt change the face of workplace communications as we know it.

All features of ArkadinTotalconnect are ready to run over Skype for Business.

So what is Skype for Business?

  • Service featuresIntuitive interface with Microsoft’s user-friendly look and feel
  • Service featureMake voice calls from Skype for Business – routed to your desktop phone
  • Service featureUsers can search amongst millions of B2B and B2C users in the Skype for Business directory
  • Service featureToggle between full and compact windows so you can monitor a call while focusing on other tasks
  • Service featureRate My Call allows administrators to collect call info, access reports and export data for analysis

To find out more about Skype for Business or if you’d like to arrange a demo book some time in with one of our UC Specialists, below.